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Proven 3 Plugins to Effectively Block Spam on your WordPress Blog


Active Techie
Newly moved from blogger to wordpress? tired of spam commenting every now and then on your blog post? Need a great spam assassin for your wordpress blog? Lay your hands on this three powerful plugins.

1. Akismet

I?m sure you know this and what it does andI assume it comes with every new WordPress installation because I found it on mine by default. You should have installed it already and gotten the API Key. I mainly use Akismet to block trackback comments and it?s very effective. The only problem I have with Akismet is that if flags real human comments as spam sometimes for no reason.

2. No SpamNX

This plugin protect your blog from automated spam bots by creating a form field that?s invisible to the human eye but visible to bots only. Since the bots are automated, they fill this invisible form field and NoSpamNX blocks the comment before it even reaches your spam folder.

3. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This anti-spam plugin works great and all it does is create a little checkbox which is integrated with your comment form. This checkbox is required to post comments and since it?s a client side generated checkbox, bots may not see it and commenting is impossible without checking the box.