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Proven Secrets on How to Get a Man Fall in Love


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Figuring out how to get a man to fall in love with you is a tedious and mind-boggling challenge. Men are very different than women and that makes "figuring them out" extremely difficult. There are a few secrets that many women don't know when it comes to learning how to get a man to fall in love with you! Are you ready for these? You'll have him proposing tomorrow if you use this advice accordingly!

#1. Fit the Mold

Yes, it's true - every man has an idea of what he thinks the perfect woman looks like and acts like. When a woman meets all of a man's criteria (in regard to the perfect woman), getting him to fall in love is natural and almost instant. Men tend to fall in love more quickly than women and that's obvious when a man meets his perfect match.

Do you think you fit all of his "criteria"? If so, you are one luck lady and don't have to worry about solving the "how to get a man to fall in love" dilemma. If you don't think you are the woman he has always dreamed of for any reason, don't give up - there is still hope! You just have to try a little harder when it comes to making him fall in love.

#2. Give and Withdrawal

Just as a disclaimer, the "Give and Withdrawal" method of making him fall in love with you requires you to manipulate his emotions, which most people might see as unhealthy and wrong. If you don't mind, then this strategy will actually get him to fall in love with you!

This is how it works: You get him to ask you on a date. When he does, you beam with excitement and tell him how much you are looking forward to the date. In his mind, he likes the gratification and sees this as a good thing. This is considered the "give" part. You are "giving" him what he wants.

Right before the date, you call him and cancel. Say something out of your control has come up and you won't be able to make it. This is the "withdrawal". You are taking away what he wants. This piques is interest and now wants to overcome the challenge of getting you to go on a date.

You show up on the next date and he is relieved to see you. This is your "giving" again. Laugh and flirt with him throughout the date and see that he is having a good time. Just when it begins to get good, make up a reason that you need to leave abruptly. Again, this "withdrawal" will leave him wanting more.

Continue to "give" and "withdrawal" until he can't stand it anymore. This is the point where you know he has fallen in love with you!

#3. The REAL Way

Healthy relationships are built on respect, admiration and trust. If you really care about this man, you need to learn how to make him fall in love with you the right way! Love is a result of a lot of work. You have to put effort into a relationship for it to produce something worthwhile. Be you, be true. If you are truly right for him, love will find its way!

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