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Windows 7 ? Step by Step Guide to Edit Hosts file in System32


You keep on getting an error message that tells you ?You don?t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain the permission.? whenever you try to save an edited version of Hosts file in the System32 in Windows 7 or Windows Vista? Don?t worry we have the solution for you here as we encountered the similar issue when attempting to save the modify copy of the Hosts file in the location. By the way, just if case you don?t know, the Hosts file is where you can manually enter a hostname and an IP address pair, thereby bypassing the DNS server. This can be pretty useful in certain situation, especially if you trying to trick the software to accept the pirated serial number of the software.

The path to the Hosts file in Windows 7 or Windows Vista is:


*Notes: %systemroot% is usually refer to the root directory of your Windows which normally located at c:windows unless you installed your Windows on a different partition. By default, all the files/ folder in the system directory are hidden. In order to show the hidden folders inWindows 7, press the ALT key while in Explorer to bring up the File menu. Click on Tools and then Folder Options.


If you happen to navigate to the directory path above ? %systemroot%system32driversetc and open the hosts file to make the changes. You may notice that this method for editing the Hosts file will not work. You will get a message prompting that you don?t have the permission to save in this location.

Step by Step Guide to Edit Hosts File in System32​

1. Click on Start, type in Notepad in the Search programs and files and then right-click on Notepad and choose Run as Administrator.

2. Browse to the location of the Hosts file and make sure to choose All files for File Types from the option otherwise you won?t see the Hosts file.


3. Make the desire changes to the Hosts file and click File and Save to save all changes.

Now you won?t get the error for being modify the Hosts file.