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New Possible Features Improvement on IPhone 5


There has been much hype about the soon to be release Apple Iphone 5 release. There has not been any rumours or leaks about the new features and improvement. The smartphone market is getting crowded with Samsung releasing Galaxy S II and HTC new Evo 3D. Both of which can agreeably have ?better? features than the current Iphone 4 model.

In this article we investigate top 5 features or improvement that Iphone 5 might have to stay on top in the smartphone race.

  1. Bigger screen. Current Iphone 4 only has 3.5 inch compare to HTC or Samsung. Screen size is a very important features for viewing wide angle movies and better feeling during web browsing.
  2. OLED LCD Screen. Samsung currently has the best quality of LCD viewing with AMOLED screen. It new screen improves battery lifes and greatly enhance readability. Iphone 5 needs to on par with their improve retina display technology.
  3. Dual Core Processor. Apple?s A4 processor speed was never revealed to the public but speculation is that it runs at only 800 Mhz. Newer generation like the HTC and Samsung runs at dual core up to 1.2 Ghz. The current games and application designed will take benefits of faster processor speed.
  4. Improved battery life. Iphone 4 has only 1420mah compared with HTC 1720 mah. Short battery life has always been Apple greatest weakness. I hope Apple will improve the battery life in the next release.
  5. Full HD movie recording. Both Samsung and HTC already has full HD video encoding compared to Iphone lowly 720p resolution recording.

Apple Iphone 5 is targeted to be release early first week of October and we can just sit back and wait if any of the above improvement will see light in the new model.